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Fresh Scents

Fresh Scents

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Breathe - Super fresh and menthol juniper. Smells very similar to a certain vapour rub.

Cashmere - Soft and sensual. This scent incorporates jasmine, amber and musk making it perfect for those times when you need a little tranquillity.

Clean Cotton - The fresh scent of clean cotton laundry blowing in a summer breeze.

Green Tea Sencha - A fresh, light scent of young green tea leaves.

Lemon & Lavender - A clean fragrance of soothing lavender with gentle citrus notes.

Mexican Jojoba - A unique, soapy fragrance, used in many bathroom products. Warm and soft with a slight woody scent, Jojoba is very difficult to describe to the uninitiated, but it's a great all round, clean fragrance.

Sage & Sea Salt - Coming back soon! 

Tuscan Hills - Late summer in the hills of Tuscany, with the aromatic scents of tomato leaf, fresh lemon and a bouquet of northern Italian herbs.

White Tea & Ginger - A wonderful, fresh scent. A blend of white tea, bergamot, ginger and geranium with subtle base notes of woods and berries. A very uplifting fragrance with a clean feel.

If you would like to receive your package gift wrapped, please add the Gift Wrap item to your basket before checking out. A gift wrapped package provides organza bags for each of the individual tarts as in the picture provided.

How To Use:
Place in a wax melt warmer and light an unscented tea light below (or switch it on if it's electric).
No need to add water.
Sit back and enjoy the fragrance.

Make sure not to over fill your warmer. If you have a smaller size warmer use a half or quarter tart, there should still be space in the top of your warmer once the tart is melted.

Never use more than one tealight in the tart warmer cavity, this can create too much heat and cause the wax to catch fire.

To find out how the best way to clean your tart warmer please visit our blog post on "Changing Your Wax".

Due to the nature of using 100% soy wax there is always the tendency to have a slight frosting/blooming effect on the top of the candles/tarts. This does not effect the melting or fragrance of the candles/tarts in any way at all.

The Safety Bit
•Never leave your tart warmer unattended
•Place tart warmer on a heatproof surface
•Keep out of reach of children and animals
•Do not eat (no matter how tasty they smell!)
•Although we use mostly cosmetic grade fragrances to scent our tarts they are in much higher concentrations than in products meant to stay on the skin, so we do recommend washing thoroughly if it comes into contact with your skin.
•Never tip the melted wax down a sink/drain.