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Free Gift Wrapping

Free Gift Wrapping

For the convenience of our customers and to provide a more environmentally friendly service, we have decided to add our gift wrapping service as a separate item.

Don't worry, it's still a free service but in order to cut down on extra waste, we thought we'd make it optional instead of compulsory.


JustGiving Page - Tarts With A Heart - Congenital Heart Centre

We were going to charge a small fee with all proceeds going to a charity we strongly identify with, but we didn't want any third parties helping themselves to any part of that donation, therefore we have set up a Tarts With A Heart Just Giving Page - cutting out the middle man and offering you the chance to make a donation of any size towards our chosen charity. There is no obligation to make a donation and the service we provide isn't affected by whether you donate or not.

From time to time, the link will need updating as Just Giving require you update your crowdfunding campaigns every 30 days or so, so please contact us if the link doesn't take you to our page.

In the gift wrapping service, we will wrap each individual tart in it's own organza bag and if you require any handwritten messages to be added to the package, please state so at the checkout stage using our handy comments box. We read each and every message, so don't be afraid to use it!